EPB names 9 artists for Chattanooga mural project

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / EPB's corporate headquarters is at Market Street and M.L. King Boulevard in downtown Chattanooga.

EPB has announced the names of nine artists chosen for the distributor's 10th Street Community Mural Project.

The artists will paint murals on nine panels along the EPB substation fence at 10th and Foster streets. The central theme for the project is "The Soul of MLK – How artists visualize the heartbeat and soul of MLK in arts, music and culture," according to EPB.

The aim is to highlight the history, heritage and significance of downtown's Martin Luther King Boulevard area.

The artists and the titles of their art work are:

* Jaclyn Anderson – Barbershop Vignette

* Rondell Crier – Good Fish

* Josiah Golson – Head in the Clouds of History

* Keelah Jackson-Harris – Dr. King's 9th Street Reverie

* Julius Hubbard – Dare to Dream

* Harlan Lovestone – A Dream Rises

* Madison Myers – Interracial Couple Dancing

* Lauren O'Neill – The Quilt

* Rachel Veal – Street Music

The artists' work were selected by a group of outside stakeholders based on artistic value, clarity of thought, community reflection and relevance. Work will begin this spring, EPB said.

- Compiled by Mike Pare