Find the expert for you in 2021

Whether you're battling a chronic health condition, or simply looking for healthier lifestyle solutions, Chattanooga is home to a host of professionals that have the answers. From hearing loss to care for elderly loved ones, you can start 2021 with peace of mind.

"A person's sense of hearing connects them to the world around them and helps them stay engaged with the people, places and events in their lives," said Dr. Megan Johnson, audiologist and owner of Johnson Audiology. "Yet many people discount their hearing, ignoring the signs that something is amiss with their inner ear and waiting years to address it. I see it every day in my practice; people who tell me they have been struggling in different listening environments for 10 years or more. It disturbs me that people put off seeking helping because of embarrassment, or fear or misunderstanding, especially now in an era when help for hearing issues is so advanced and accessible."

The frustration a person feels when dealing with hidden hearing loss and tinnitus can lead to social isolation and a decrease in social interactions. Also, because hidden hearing loss is more difficult to diagnose, it may be overlooked, a person's complaints and struggles minimized, and their frustration grows. A university-trained audiologist is the professional most equipped and skilled to recognize when a person might be struggling with hidden hearing loss and to initiate the expanded testing that is necessary for diagnosis.

For more information, contact the team at Johnson Audiology to schedule a consultation or appointment at 423-710-1432 or visit

It's easy for anyone to take on too much during the holidays, but especially those who are caring for an aging loved one. During the hectic holidays, taking care of your spouse, parent or loved one can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. Companies like 5 Star Home Care can offer you much-needed peace of mind. You can go to work, run errands, care for children and take on all of those New Year's resolutions knowing that your loved one is safe and taken care of by 5 Star. When you start making your list of New Year's resolutions, add to that list getting some assistance at home.

The state-licensed home-care provider offers nonmedical assistance, personal care and companionship services. They offer assistance with needs such as blood pressure checks, bathing and grooming, transportation, light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, exercise, pet care and their caregivers provide much needed companionship. "Best of all, you don't have to worry about your loved one feeling lonely or isolated while you are out of the house," said 5 Star owner Kenny Higdon.

If you want to start the New Year with peace of mind, let 5 Star Home Care's services care for you and your loved ones. For more information or to set up a one on one consultation, call 5 Star in Chattanooga and Eastern Tennessee at 423-893-8181. For care in middle Tennessee, call 5 Star at 931-474-7823. Or visit .

If you're facing kidney disease of any kind, especially during this pandemic, it can be difficult knowing where to turn and what to expect, but Chattanooga Kidney Centers offers a variety of services and strives to help ease patients' minds and meet their needs.

"We are committed to providing excellent care and support to all our patients through the latest patient care technology and continuous quality improvement with a focus on superior customer service in a safe, affirming environment," reads the company's mission statement on their website, and once you step inside of their six locations you can see it's true.

Services provided by all of the Chattanooga Kidney Centers located in Chattanooga, Cleveland, and North Georgia include:

Staff assisted in center hemodialysis.

Transient dialysis services.

Evaluation, teaching, and support for home peritoneal dialysis (KCMR and KCC facilities only).

Back-Up dialysis for home dialysis patients.

Ongoing patient education in all aspects of ESRD therapy and treatment options.

To learn more, visit to read on or set up a consultation.

Heading into 2021, we're all thinking of our health more than ever, and oral health is at the top of the list. As you start taking steps to prioritize being and staying well, there are some key things to consider to make sure your smile stays at its best as well.

"The first thing we all often default to in our general health is to eat more fruits and vegetables, and that's actually really important for your teeth too," shared Dr. Mandy Shearer with Soddy Daisy Smiles. "The nutrients and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables improve your ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, which also helps protect teeth and gums."

She added that crisp fruits and raw vegetables can also help to act like natural toothbrushes by cleaning plaque from teeth and freshening your breath in between actual brushing.

Finally, if you haven't had a regular dental checkup in the last six months, it's time to see your dentist. Dr. Mandy said they recommend visits every six months to maintain solid oral wellness and help detect any potential problems and determine a course of treatment if necessary.

If you have questions or concerns about things you can do to help improve your teeth and oral health, seek advice from your dentist or schedule an appointment for a cleaning and an exam right away.

For more information, call Soddy Daisy Smiles at 423-332-5275 to schedule an appointment or visit

Pancreatic cancer is a condition that will affect nearly 60,000 Americans each year, and nearly 50,000 will die from the disease. While the condition remains one of the most difficult to treat, there are many options to approach it in a safe but aggressive way. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, no doubt you have questions about the disease and available treatment options. Julie Koffron, MD, fellowship trained pancreatic cancer surgeon with University Surgical Associates (USA) is ready to answer questions, address concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan – using the most innovative therapies and treatment options available.

"We find that pancreatic cancer is often found at an advanced stage, and our goal in raising awareness is to find these individuals earlier when the disease is more easily treated. That's why it's so important to pay close attention to your body's signals if you think something isn't right and talk to your doctor right away," says Dr. Koffron.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you have choices when it comes to your surgeon and your treatment options. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Julie Koffron, please call (423) 267-0466.

Total knee replacement is a big, brutal operation with a long recovery. It is usually effective at eliminating debilitating knee pain from end stage arthritis, but it comes with some risks and a long arduous rehabilitation. Some studies have shown up to a 20 % rate of dissatisfaction after surgery. In one local orthopedic surgeon's opinion, at least half of these surgeries are not needed, instead a much safer technique that spares muscle and ligaments and utilizes a short incision and a small fraction of the amount of metal and plastic. This procedure, minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing using the Repicci technique, has been a special interest of Dr. Marty Redish for nearly 20 years.

"At least half of the patients who undergo total knee replacement today do not need the surgery in my opinion," explained Dr. Martin Redish, local surgeon who is both practicing and advocating for a new, less invasive option. "This is because they have unicompartmental arthritis and could instead get a better result with less risk and recovery with minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing (MIPKR). Roughly 60-70 percent of the knee replacements I do are partial knees; the rest I do total knee replacements."

The procedure itself consists of an outpatient surgery that utilizes a small high speed burr that requires the surgeon to freehand sculpt only the diseased portion of the knee so that small metal and plastic implants, the same material as used in total knee replacement, are implanted to patch the worn surfaces.

To learn more about MIPKR, its benefits, and whether the procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Redish's office at 423-493-5220 or visit his website at