Hate traditional exercise? Try these new workouts in Chattanooga.

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Jessica Ledbetter exercises on the Cyr Wheel. The Cyr Wheel is a new form of exercise at Chattanooga Aerials. The class led by Daniel Buniak was photographed on Dec. 13, 2020.

With new found time on my hands as a result of working from home for the past nine months, I've taken the opportunity to try new things.

And to keep the existential dread - not to mention office chair spread - at bay, many of those have centered around new ways to get active.

I've always wanted to take a hip-hop class (and trust me when I say I needed a class for that), so when my 12-year-old sister expressed a desire to take her TikTok videos to the next level, I signed us up at Karen Horton's School of Dance. For the next few months, I learned a choreographed routine alongside a handful of other tweens - capped at around a dozen to allow for social distancing - which culminated in a small recital for family.