East Brainerd residents sound off on traffic, over-development as building moratorium raised

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Contractors are busy completing homes in Westview Crossing off of East Brainerd Road. Some 300 East Brainerd residents met with city, county and state officials last week about over-development and traffic issues.

Some 300 East Brainerd residents, many fed up with clogged roads and worried about over-development with more home building on the way, have met with key city, Hamilton County and state officials.

The idea of a building moratorium on new homes was raised by one resident to the applause of many at last week's community meeting, though Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger said such action is unlikely.

"We understand we're growing too fast," he told residents at Morris Hill Baptist Church, adding the Tennessee Department of Transportation has to address some of the problem. "We need to continue to work together."

According to county planners, as many as 1,100 more residences already are approved in the East Brainerd area.

Kile Prescott of Apison said he's concerned about a lot of houses coming in and what that's doing to traffic, noting there are long backups in East Brainerd at times of the day.