Hart: Coke capitulates to cowardly corporate creed

Photo by LM Otero of The Associated Press / Coca-Cola soda pops are lined up for sale on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, in Dallas, Texas.

Corporate America has not completely lost all its marbles, but the bag sprang a leak about 10 years ago.

Added to the many things that have made Atlanta spiral downhill is the wussification of the venerable Coca-Cola Company. Coke was invented by a Confederate officer, John Pemberton, a biochemist. After years of being well run by gutsy leaders, like most large corporations in America, Coke has cowed to the PC Democrat overlords and has ordered its employees to act less white.

Atlanta, which now competes with Chicago for the crime capital of the United States, has been run by loony libs for years now. Pressure on companies which have not fled for the sensible suburbs to capitulate to the overlords is too much for the weak-willed Generation Wussie to stand up to.