Chattanooga City Council to take up steep slopes rules

Staff photo by Troy Stolt / Homes being built along Tremont Street are seen on Friday, March 19, 2021 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Thousands of dollars could be added to the cost of a typical new Chattanooga home by proposed rules on the use of vegetation while building on steep slopes, an industry official says.

Others say a proposed ordinance slated to come before the City Council on March 30 doesn't go far enough, and there's a missed chance to do more to protect landowners and the environment. An online petition begun late last year calling for broad reform already has nearly 800 signatures.

But council members, nearly a year and a half after city planners offered an array of ideas to limit land erosion and damage when building on sloping terrain, appear ready to move ahead on the issue.

The proposed measure states it will:

* Identify a steep slope at anything above a 33% percent grade with a distance of at least 100 linear feet.