Best Places to Work 2021: Mauldin and Jenkins accounting firm offers workers chances for learning, growth and fun

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Mauldin & Jenkins in Chattanooga on Monday, March 29, 2021.

A career in public accounting often requires sorting through pages of financial ledgers and complex reports, working long hours during tax season, or having to travel to conduct on-site audits at different businesses. For all the challenges of the profession, the accounting firm of Mauldin & Jenkins tries to make sure its accountants have fun and are highly rewarded.

"Competitive pay and exceptional benefits mean a lot to staff and partners alike, but so do the little things," says Jim Vaughn, a 22-year employee of Mauldin & Jenkins who heads the firm's 55-employee office in Chattanooga. "Whether it is laughing during our Office Olympics, enjoying firm-provided dinners during busy season or letting loose at a tax party once crunch time is over, the M&J team appreciates dozens of opportunities to let off steam together and make each day fun."