Cincinnati Reds' advice to Chattanooga Lookouts supporters: 'Buy your tickets now'

Cincinnati Reds photo / Shortstop Jose Garcia could be the first Chattanooga Lookouts player this season who gets promoted to the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati Reds director of player development Eric Lee has spent recent days and weeks assembling the opening roster of the Class AA Chattanooga Lookouts.

His advice to those heading back to AT&T Field after last season was shelved due to the coronavirus? See the Lookouts early and often, and don't forget about the early part.

"You need to buy your tickets now, because this is going to be a really exciting group," Lee said Monday afternoon. "There are some names that are going to jump out to people, and there is going to be a little something for everyone. This group will have a lot of athleticism that makes this game exciting, whether on the defensive side of things, running the bases or playing aggressively in the right way.

"The purpose of this game is to score runs, and I think we have a lot of guys who embody that."