Montague Park to see multimillion-dollar makeover as Chattanooga FC Foundation eyes soccer fields

Staff photo by C.B. Schmelter / A section of Montague Park along East 23rd Street is seen on Thursday. The Chattanooga FC Foundation is planning a multimillion-dollar makeover with soccer fields, a pavilion and volleyball sand courts.

A multimillion-dollar makeover is planned for a large chunk of historic Montague Park as the Chattanooga FC Foundation envisions synthetic turf soccer fields, sand volleyball and other upgrades.

The nonprofit foundation, which bills itself as a separate entity from the soccer club, is seeking city approval for a long-term lease for 13 acres of the 49-acre park at East 23rd and Polk streets.

Officials also foresee a 22,000-square-foot pavilion, restrooms, concessions area, lights and 180 parking spaces, plans show.

"It will help people connect in ways around playing together," said Krue Brock, the foundation's director. "Soccer is such a broad and diverse game."

Brock said the planned new uses, especially aimed at youth sports, will go on the opposite side of the park from the existing Sculpture Fields. He's hopeful of linking the two areas with a trail.