Grand Thoughts: Thanks to COVID vaccines and safety precautions, a family reunion was finally possible

Dr. Kit Nazor, a Chattanooga native, helps daughter Charleana put her face mask back on as she returns to the dugout during a T-ball game in San Diego.

Thank you, scientists.

Because of your dedication, my husband, Hank, and I were finally reunited with our son and his family on the West Coast.

Fully vaccinated, we flew from Chattanooga to San Diego on April 15 for a nine-day visit. We hadn't seen our son, Kit, daughter-in-law, Bonnie, and granddaughters Charleana, 4, and Misha, 2, since Christmas 2019.

Being separated for that long was especially hard knowing that our little girls might be shy around us. They weren't, thanks to many FaceTime conversations over the last year. They knew exactly who we were and couldn't wait to be in our arms and receive our love and attention.

Thus far, we've made it through the pandemic by meticulously following all safety guidelines.

Kit, a scientist involved in COVID-19 research, and fully vaccinated, continues to religiously wear his mask, even outside when he's coaching Charleana's T-ball team.