Calhoun, Georgia, sued by proponents of tiny homes project

Contributed photo from Conor Beck / Tiny House Hand Up Executive Director Cindy Tucker believes Calhoun's ban on tiny homes is discriminatory.

Calhoun, Georgia, rejected a zoning request for a tiny homes development last month that would have allowed the construction of six cottage homes at the intersection of Beamer Road and Harris Beamer Road, with the idea of building more.

The homes would have been 540 to 600 square feet, part of a national trend of tiny homes as an antidote to ever-more-expensive housing.

Now, Tiny House Hand Up Inc., a nonprofit focused on providing and promoting affordable housing in Gordon County, has filed a lawsuit arguing the city's zoning restrictions violate the state constitution.

Executive Director Cindy Tucker said everything started in 2016 when she and a handful of others founded the organization with the goal of creating more affordable housing in the area.