Chattanooga-area coffee shops Be Caffeinated, Wired, and Culture Coffee give their take on recent coffee and tea trends

A primer on recent coffee and tea trends

Photo contributed by Chris Woods / Teas — like the red berry tea from Be Caffeinated, pictured here — have become trendy alternatives for those who do not like the taste of coffee or want a less intense caffeine experience.

Coffee and tea are essential. They are the focal point of many family gatherings, late night study sessions, board meetings and chats with friends - and the drinks are constantly evolving.

Seasonal drinks are still in vogue. Chris Wood, owner of Red Bank's Be Caffeinated, says "anything with pumpkin in it is super popular." That holds true as the seasons continue to change - people will move from pumpkin to marshmallow to gingerbread.

But another trend has been on the rise recently: curiosity.

Last year alone saw a boom in coffee and tea trends, and customers are getting more experimental. From dalgona, or whipped coffees, to milk alternatives and flavored matcha drinks, caffeine-lovers are getting curious and creative with how they consume, eager to try new things.

Amber Forgani, owner and manager of Culture Coffee Co.