Judge denies Bradley County woman's motion for new trial, acquittal in second-degree murder conviction

In this 2017 staff file photo, Judge Don Ash listens to an attorney in the courtroom at the Cleveland Municipal Building in Cleveland, Tenn. / Staff file photo

The senior judge presiding over a July hearing on a Bradley County, Tennessee, second-degree murder defendant's motion for acquittal and a new trial denied the motion, according to court documents.

Senior Judge Don Ash ruled Oct. 7 against Miranda Cheatham's 2018 motion for acquittal in her second-degree murder conviction, meaning she will remain in prison on her 18-year sentence in the 2016 slaying of her husband, James Cheatham.

In July, Cheatham challenged her 2018 conviction, making allegations that 10th Judicial District Attorney General Stephen D. Crump had a conflict of interest in the case that included withholding an audio recording referring to an alleged sexual affair he had with the victim's half-sister and legal title work he did for her in private practice.

Crump has denied the allegations of an affair or that he was being blackmailed into securing a second-degree murder conviction.