Transgender student suspended from Lee University after TikTok videos question LGBTQ bias on campus

Screen capture by Wyatt Massey / Joie St. Hubert sits in his room in New York City on Sept. 16, 2021. At the end of August, St. Hubert was suspended from Lee University for videos posted to TikTok.

In a video posted mid-August, Joie St. Hubert sat sipping from a Dunkin' iced coffee beside a nondescript brick building. The caption, placed just above his black beanie, said, "currently watching homophobic sorority girls on campus pass me by."

St. Hubert turned to the camera and winked.

Twelve days later, the college senior was suspended and sent home.

Lee University, where St. Hubert had just begun his senior year, said the 21-year-old repeatedly violated the school's policies on language, internet and inappropriate use of technological devices.

In its letter announcing the suspension, the evangelical Christian school did not cite what specifically violated its code of conduct.

The code says that "any use of the internet deemed inappropriate by the university will result in disciplinary measures" and "the university will reserve the right to deem what is inappropriate and explicit."