Walker County Probate Court offices closed due to damage caused in weekend crash

Contributed Photo by Joe Legge / Superior Court Chief Judge Kristina Coo Graham closed the offices after determining it was not safe for employees to be inside at this time.

The Walker County (Georgia) Probate Court office has been ordered closed the rest of the week due to damage caused by a vehicle crash over the weekend.

According to Walker County spokesperson Joe Legge, the driver of a Chevy Trailblazer lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a decorative wall in front of the county courthouse before slamming into the bottom level of the building. The incident occurred at around 1:45 a.m. Saturday, Legge said.

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The county Probate Court offices are located on the bottom level of the Walker County Courthouse at 103 S. Duke St. in downtown LaFayette, Georgia.

Local building officials determined the building was "not safe for Probate Court personnel to remain inside at this time," according to Legge.