Wamp will bring energy, innovation to county and more letters to the editors

Letters to the Editor

Wamp will bring energy, innovation to county

I've had the privilege of working with Weston, first as his boss at Lamp Post Group, and then as his co-founder and partner at Dynamo. Weston is truly a hard-working, enthusiastic and visionary young leader. I've seen him deliver impressive results and bring talented teams together to accomplish goals. He's a man of character, faith and family.

In my experience as an entrepreneur, I can say with confidence that we need more young leaders like Weston in local government. If we are going to continue to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face in Hamilton County, from education to crime, we need an innovator with energy like Weston.

That's why I support Weston Wamp for county mayor.

Ted Alling

Anti-Smedley 'hit job' a hint of future elections?

Irony alert: An organization called Chattanoogans for Responsible Government has weighed in on the campaign for county mayor race with an irresponsible attack on candidate Sabrena Smedley.

The CRG's flyer accused Smedley of "cozying up with liberal teachers' unions," whatever that means. And it asserted that "Radical teachers' unions are HURTING our kids," using all-caps to emphasize the righteousness of its anti-Smedley hit job.

Even more repulsive, it added "And Sabrena Smedley is thankful they [ENDORSED] her for county mayor."

Translation: Sabrena Smedley favors "HURTING our kids."

The blanket condemnation of "teachers' unions" gave the CRG a repugnant opportunity to smear Hamilton County teachers. Never mind that a commitment to thousands of K-12 students complements their invaluable instruction that helps prepare students for their own future.

CRG used a microscopic text font to claim teacher unions (read Hamilton County schools) are pushing "divisive critical race theory that pits races against each other." Honesty should have prompted the CRG to reveal where CRT is being taught in Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee Department of Education: nowhere.

One problem with politics today - nationally and locally - is the phenomenon of tribalism, partly defined as a take-no-prisoners policy in political warfare. Maybe the CRG's attack on Smedley is a test-run for future elections.

Michael Loftin

Put Rebecca Stern back on court bench

I am writing to endorse Rebecca Stern for Criminal Court judge.

I have known Rebecca Stern as a judge, as a lawyer with her own practice and as a friend. I first met Rebecca as a judge and was impressed with her judicial temperament and her thoughtful handling of all matters that came before her. She treats everyone in her courtroom with respect, regardless of stature in the community at large or the legal community. Her rulings were thoughtful, intelligent, and guided by the law and evidence, not by any preconceptions as to how a matter should turn out.

When Rebecca Stern retired to start a private law practice, I had the honor of her starting that practice in my office building. I am now honored to call this brilliant woman a friend. With her experience as a judge and as a private attorney, there is no one better qualified to be a Criminal Court judge.

It is of great benefit to the community that she seeks to be our judge once again. I urge fellow citizens of Hamilton County to help put her back on the bench.

Meredith Mochel