Dear Abby: Drunk uncle crosses the line with kiss


DEAR ABBY: I come from a large, close family. The majority of them live in another state. A couple of family members live in the same state I reside in. One night, my uncle came over and we were hanging out having drinks. We both drank too much and at some point, he started to kiss my neck. I told him to stop because he is family, and he did. Luckily, nothing more happened. The next day he texted and called profusely apologizing. I have been hurt, sad and angry ever since. He wanted to talk about it, but I didn't.

We still see each other at family get-togethers since there are only a few of us out here. I haven't told anyone, and it's hard to keep this to myself, but I'm afraid that if I say something, it could cause a rift in my family.