One crossover not like another? and more letters to the editors

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One crossover not like another?

Interesting that Sabrena Smedley appealed her primary loss to the Republican State [Executive Committee] over alleged Democrat voter crossover, then agreed to talk about being part of Democrat Matt Adams' cabinet if he was elected county mayor.

I guess one crossover is not like the other.

Tim Threadgill

Do Wamps need fire brigade?

Since Weston Wamp was elected county mayor, Weston has asked that he and Zach be continually followed by a fire truck to put out the daily fires on their pants.

Stephen Greenfield

Cleveland, Tenn.

Winners, remember we are one city

Congratulations to each candidate who accomplished a win in the Aug. 4 election.

May you use that victory, to work together, to make Chattanooga and Hamilton County an even better place to live, build and thrive.

Regardless of differences, we are one city.