Chattanooga Police Department promotions will cost over $100,000

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy, right, greets students at Brainerd High School on the first day of school Wednesday. She has made a number of promotions since she took office in April.

Promotions announced last month on Facebook by the Chattanooga Police Department come with raises of nearly $140,000 a year, pay increases that the mayor's office says are strategic and were already accounted for in the city budget.

Eight top administrators have been promoted as part of an ongoing process, with a total increase in their annual salaries of $138,900. Six of them were promoted to the rank of major, at a salary of $114,800 a year.

The rank of major was used at the department from 1981 to 1994 but had fallen out of use. Top pay when the rank was used previously was $47,300.

Police Chief Celeste Murphy, who took office in April, came to Chattanooga from Atlanta, where the title of major was used - a rank she held there earlier in her career.