Chattanooga police seek suspect in road rage incident involving woman and son

Chattanooga police are searching for a man shown on a home security video threatening and yelling obscenities at a woman and her son in an alleged road rage incident that happened Thursday.

"We identified the suspect and obtained warrants for him," Assistant Chief Jerri A. Sutton said Monday in an email. "We are working to locate and arrest him."

Sutton did not name the suspect.

In a social media post Saturday, the woman who was allegedly chased gave a brief description of what happened along with video footage she posted from a friend's home security camera that captured the end of the incident.

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"He blamed me for cutting him off as I merged onto hwy 27. Please excuse his foul language. He chased us off the exit and approached my vehicle punching my windows and as I took off he ran after my car. Threatening to shoot us," the woman wrote in her post. "He then followed us so I pulled into a friend's driveway with cameras. The police were called."

In an almost 2-minute home security video posted on YouTube and on social media, the woman's car can be seen stopped in the driveway of the home followed by the man in a silver car who parked at the end of the drive and came storming up to her car window.

"You ever cut me off again, I'll beat the f--- out of you," the man screamed at the woman.

"You know what you did. You cut me off. Yeah, call the f------ cops. Now, I know where you live. Good. Good. I know where you live. Boom. Boom b----," he said, pointing his finger like a gun with the word, "boom," each time.

Then he turned on the woman's son.

"Tell your mama, quit cutting f------ people off," the man yelled as he tore off the driver's side door handle and threw it back at the woman's car.

As the video continued, a woman who appeared to live at the home where the security video was shot stepped outside and asked if everything was OK.

The angry man answered, "No, it's not," and complained again that he'd been cut off, peppering his rant with obscenities.

At that point, the woman and her son got out of their car as the man continued to complain. He then made an explicit sexual threat to the woman when she said something about fixing damage on her car.

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After a man from the home stepped outside, the angry man got back in his car still spewing obscenities, the video showed.

"Now, I know where you live," he yelled. "Think about that."

According to the police report, the incident was reported at 2:45 pm. Thursday after the woman and her son were in their car getting on northbound U.S. Highway 27 to go home. That's when she noticed a silver Toyota had pulled in very close behind her and, as she took the exit ramp for Mountain Creek Road, she noticed the silver Toyota still behind her.

The woman told police she then turned right onto Mountain Creek Road and then into the driveway of a home that was not hers to keep the man from knowing where she lived, the report states.

Police collected fingerprints from the broken door handle and interviewed neighboring residents to locate any other useful surveillance video, police said.

Sutton said the public would be notified when the man is arrested.

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