Electrical generation conversations needed and more letters to the editors

Electrical generation conversations needed

It's not usual to hear a call for a "national conversation," typically having to do with a divisive issue. The unprecedented (in my memory) rolling blackouts in the energy-rich Tennessee Valley in the recent cold snap only highlight the need for a comparable "conversation" concerning electrical generation and peak demands. By "conversation," I mean opportunities to ask questions and receive answers from those who are appointed (self-appointed?) to make such decisions.

Questions which come immediately to my mind include: Is it wise to plan the shutdown of a large portion of TVA's coal-fired electrical generation? In the most optimistic estimates, how much of the Tennessee Valley's electrical demand can be met with wind and solar? What happens when the winds die and the skies are overcast? What are the various costs (including production) of increasing our dependence on more and larger batteries? Is it possible to expedite the construction of smaller, more affordable nuclear reactors? And finally the big one -- who is calculating the demand on the grid of moving from 5% electrical vehicles to 25%, to 50% and beyond? More EVs and more vehicles on the road all the time. Politicians are making these commitments for us without any suggestion that there's been a thoughtful "national conversation."

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Substitute teachers deserve better pay

I am a retired English and history teacher. Unfortunately, I had to retire for medical reasons before I was eligible for a retirement pension. I taught in Florida and the Middle East.

For the past four years, I have been working as a substitute teacher to help out with my bills (Social Security disability does not cover all of my living expenses).

It is a real shame when the school board and the Hamilton County Department of Education claim that the education of our children is a priority but are more than willing to pay substitute teachers an embarrassing wage.

If one has a college degree, they are paid a little more than $70 a day. That is definitely a problem. No wonder why we have a shortage of substitutes.

Substitute teachers are not "glorified babysitters." They are teachers who are expected to follow the lesson plans left for them.

If we are going to truly make education a priority, the embarrassing pay for substitutes has to be raised.

Substitute teachers are responsible for the dearest asset we have, our children. Pay them accordingly.

Mark Grantham

Lookout Valley

Taylor, Lincoln don't go together

Surely there are still some Republicans who can see the irony of Marjorie Taylor Greene being invited to be the keynote speaker at this year's Abraham Lincoln Day Dinner in Washington, D.C.

Lincoln's presidency saved the Constitution's model of how the U.S. would be governed. Greene has recently said if she and Steve Bannon -- who has been convicted on charges related to the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol -- had run the Jan. 6 assault, it would have succeeded. The electoral vote would not have been counted. Some states would then submit new electoral ballots until Donald Trump was unconstitutionally re-elected president.

And not only that, but Greene has said hers and Bannon's protesters would have been armed. Had that been the case, how many more Capitol police would have been killed and wounded? How many more protesters? How much more of a crisis would the violence of gunfire have created?

It took the lives of more than 600,000 Americans to save the country and the Constitution in Lincoln's time. How many lives are Taylor and her supporters (her Republican supporters?) willing to take to have only their voices heard in our time?

Grady Burgner

Medical investigation is errand of fools

I was very disappointed when I heard Ron DeSantis, M.D. (medical dummy) say that he was going to investigate the medical establishment to discover any wrongdoing by the vaccine producers and suppliers. His behavior regarding the pandemic has already cost thousands of lives. This feeble attempt to garner favor with the followers of the former president will cost more lives.

I hate to think what would happen to Louis Pasteur if Ron had been around when Louis was developing vaccinations which have saved millions of lives since he did his work.

I only hope that few people will listen to Mr. DeSantis.

Timothy Davis

Fleischmann needs to answer questions

In his role as ranking member on the Homeland Security Subcommittee, what is Rep Fleischmann's position on holding J6 prisoners without bail? What is his position on releasing all testimony and security video of the Capitol grounds and interior? What is his position on actors such as Ray Epps who are on record making threats but have not testified? What is his position on Speaker Pelosi turning down security offered by POTUS? What actions have you taken in support of your positions?

These are simple questions and easy to answer.

Ray Goodpasture


Hamilton Place needs a cleaning

Hamilton Place Mall is a safe but not a clean place to walk. Dirt can be found as soon as you enter at the food court. Trash and dirt can be found all through the mall.

I believe the riding sweeper they use pushes dirt and trash along the walls and into the entrances of the stores. Store managers aren't doing anything to clean up the entrances to their stores. Cleaning cart people have been seen pushing their carts past trash. The big bright spot is the gentleman that cleans the playground as he does a fantastic job. I do pick up trash as I do my walking.

Thank you, Hamilton Place, for letting us walk early in the morning -- 9 a.m.

Joel Blake

Lack of concession makes Trump culpable

Two words: "I concede."

Those two words by Donald Trump would have prevented much of what has transpired over the past two years. By virtue of the fact he chose not to utter those words, he bears the responsibility and should be held accountable for all that has happened.

R. Anderson

Cleveland, Tenn.