'How to torture a Jew': Chattanooga mother raises concerns with Bible class taught in public school

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / East Hamilton Middle School is seen in Apison on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021.

The mother of a Hamilton County middle-schooler is raising concerns about the century-old Bible in the Schools program, which teaches the Bible in Chattanooga-area public schools as literature, as being antisemitic after a local teacher allegedly taught her daughter "how to torture a Jew."

Juniper Russo, the mother of an eighth-grade student at East Hamilton Middle School, posted to Facebook this week, saying the school's Bible teacher guided the class in a way that was "blatant Christian proselytizing."

"I drew a hard line and withdrew my daughter from Bible class when it actually turned hostile on February 2," Russo wrote on Facebook. "[The teacher] wrote an English transliteration of the Hebrew name of G-d on the whiteboard. This name is traditionally not spoken out loud, and is traditionally only written in the Torah.