Opinion: Space aliens, or dementia? The day my cart disappeared at Food City.

Shopping cart full of grocery standing next to shelves. / Getty Images/iStock/shironosov

First, let me stipulate: I'm a big fan of Food City.

I like how they sometimes take generic hamburger buns, load them with sliced turkey and package them beside the hummus in the deli case. It's low-brow, but right down my alley.

I also like that they stock vine-ripened, Grainger County, Tennessee, tomatoes in their produce department.

Too, I like that their packaged hamburger meat usually weighs in at a little less than a pound, which is just the right amount to make three, good-size patties.

There's something unpretentious about the Virginia-based grocery chain that just feels comfortable to me: from the '80s Top 40 music (well hello, Mr. Mister) to the speedy checkout clerks.

I've also noticed that the managers at Food City are often middle-aged, which makes me think it's a good, stable place to work.