Hamilton County DA asking public to help locate more victims of alleged child rapist

thumbnail Photo Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Ryan Andrew Meyung
thumbnail Photo Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Ryan Andrew Meyung
photo Photo Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Ryan Andrew Meyung

The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office is asking for help locating more potential victims of an accused child rapist.

Ryan Andrew Meyung, 30, was arrested in late December after a joint investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Chattanooga Police Department and U.S. Department of Homeland Security for alleged sexual abuse of a minor at a home in Hixson. Meyung allegedly became a close friend of the victim's family over a two-year period and provided the child with gifts such as vape pens, an iPhone, birthday presents and money. Meyung was also reported to have frequently stayed with the family.

According to the arrest affidavit, Meyung was sleeping in the child's room on the evening of Dec. 15. Wearing no clothes, he allegedly woke the child and proceeded to sexually molest the child, saying "don't tell anyone about this."

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Meyung was employed by the Cincinnati Circus Co. as a motorcycle stunt rider and lived out of his van, traveling the United States with the company, a news release said. District Attorney General Neal Pinkston also said Meyung taught snowboarding, as well as motocross. Meyung's last known address was the Chattanooga Motorcross Park on the 1200 block of Scruggs Road in Ringgold, Georgia.

"Mr. Meyung was running a business known as 'Live Your Dreams MX,' which involved him traveling around the United States and other countries building motocross tracks," Pinkston said in the news release. "This business was based in Indiana."

The DA's office believes more victims could be in other states, including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, "it is believed that in addition to running 'Live Your Dreams MX,' Meyung has past and present connections with several youth-oriented organizations and youth ministries," the release stated. "After the local Chattanooga media published a story regarding Meyung's initial arrest, individuals from other states have contacted case investigators about potential criminal law violations regarding Meyung and other children."

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While investigations are beginning elsewhere, Pinkston said there may be more victims in the Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia areas, and he encouraged people to reach out.

"I'm asking the public if they are aware of Meyung, or if any children have been training in motocross or snowboarding by him, to come forward," said Pinkston during a news conference Monday.

According to the police affidavit, Meyung made several phone calls while at Silverdale Detention Center to have files in his iPhone, iPad and Facebook erased. After further investigation, it was determined the voices on the call with Meyung were that of Ryan's twin brother, Bryan, and his alleged girlfriend, Marisa Marie Davis, also known as Harweda Davis, authorities said.

Bryan Andrew Meyung, 30, was arrested and charged with evidence tampering, criminal conspiracy and accessory after the fact, while Marisa Marie Davis, 27, has been been arrested and charged with evidence tampering, accessory after the fact and criminal conspiracy.

photo Photo Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Bryan Andrew Meyung

If anyone has information related to Ryan Andrew Meyung's arrest, or if anyone suspects that their child may be one of his victims, they are encouraged to call a tipline at 866-347-2423 or contact authorities at ice.gov/tipline.

Meyung was charged with three counts of child rape, two counts of aggravated kidnapping and related charges.

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photo Photo Hamilton County Sheriff's Office / Marisa Marie Davis