Opinion: Swafford drives through COVID with commitment to others

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It's far from breaking news to tell you that COVID-19's insidious reach has affected every aspect of our lives. Some more visible and stark than others, of course. Hospitals, workplaces, schools. Choices often feel like picking between bad and worse.

In schools, with omicron raging across the county, substitutes are looking for substitutes. And the challenges trickle down to the hard-working folks who shuttle a large number of our students to school and home. That's right, the bus drivers - the offensive linemen of the school system. We never hear their names or bus numbers unless something bad happens. They are just as affected by COVID-19.

And maybe Austin Swafford, a 30-year-old bus owner/operator, is the example we need to highlight to show that working together is the best way.

Swafford lives in East Ridge but is responsible for three buses of students on Signal Mountain.