Case: Leisure fishing will keep you out of the arguments

Staff photo / Jim Redman fishes at Harrison Bay State Park in April 2020. "Guns & Cornbread" columnist Larry Case is an advocate for leisure fishing but kindly reminds participants to follow the rules, including keeping physical exertion to a minimum.

People who know me will not believe this, but I am getting less confrontational.

I know, I know - you don't believe me, either, but I think it's true.

Some of the things I will bring up here could make for some very lively discussions at hunting camp, the barbershop, the bait shop or the boat dock. Now if you want to stay out of all this (and I don't blame you), just do what you should be doing this time of year anyway: Go leisure fishing.

Leisure fishing, you understand, is different from other forms of fishing. Trekking in several miles to a native brook trout stream is not leisure fishing. Neither is an entire day spent sweating in the sun while rowing a raft on a smallmouth bass river. These are not examples of leisure fishing.