Residential property assessment up 22% in Whitfield County; long-term fix coming, commissioner says

Staff File Photo / The Whitfield County seal is mounted on the commission bench in Dalton.

If it did not arrive last week, Whitfield County property owners should expect to receive in the mail this week a real estate assessment. Those assessments will feature an average increase of 22% for residential and 15% for commercial/industrial property, according to the Whitfield County Assessors Office.

"I believe this digest is fair and equitable," Ashley O'Donald, chief appraiser of the Whitfield County Assessors Office, said in a news release. "However, you may disagree with your assessment. My staff is ready to assist you, whether you simply want an explanation regarding your value change or would like to file an appeal of your value."

Based on that new assessment, a property owner's estimated tax bill will increase, O'Donald said. However, in August, millage rates will be rolled back to "reduce or eliminate the impact on people's pocketbooks," Jevin Jensen, chairman of the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners, said in a news release.