Opinion: A Republican weather app

Photo by Nick Oxford of The New York Times / Ice and bottled water is distributed to homeless people in Oklahoma City as temperatures reach 110 degrees on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. About 100 million Americans from California to New England are sweating through heat advisories and warnings from the National Weather Service on Wednesday, with a brutal heat wave across the central part of the country showing no signs of letting up.

Spin your globe, fast as you can. Stop it with your hand, anywhere you want.

This is probably the one period of days in your life when you will be able to look at whatever place on the globe is under your thumb - or closest to it - and feel like you know what the folks who live there are talking to each other about at that very moment.

"Heat Apocalypse," is what officials in France called it. "Burning planet," headlined The Guardian in Britain, where nobody ever gets hot.

Any day now, the politicians and polluting special interests all around our planet will begin explaining to you, again, why they aren't to be blamed for what we all now realize are the rapidly increasing temperatures that now threaten to make large portions of our planet unlivable.