Give pasta salad a makeover with dressing from Asian coleslaw

I've made the same pasta salad for I don't know how many years. I'm talking decades, actually. My recipe is a simple mix of spiral pasta with red onions, green pepper, capers and zesty Italian dressing from a bottle. Although it's nothing fancy, I've always gotten rave reviews, especially from those who have tired of pasta salad made with macaroni, mayonnaise and cheese.

So after all these years of making the same pasta salad, I needed to change it up.

Pasta salads are a go-to side dish for summer, and another one of my favorite side dishes is Asian coleslaw. So I decided to use the dressing from the coleslaw and switch out the spiral pasta for bow-tie pasta, which has a nice al dente texture if not overcooked. I also switched out the red onion for green onion and left out the crunchy ramen noodles because there's already enough pasta in this dish, and the toasted almonds add enough crunch anyway.