Slim + Husky's Pizza to open next week on MLK Boulevard in Chattanooga

The Nashville-based pizza chain Slim + Husky's is preparing to expand into Chattanooga next week as the anchor of a three-story retail and office complex at M.L. King Boulevard and Mabel Street.

The nation's largest Black-owned pizza chain, Slim + Husky's Pizza, will open its newest eatery Thursday at 401 M.L. King Blvd. near downtown and the UTC campus as the company's 10th location. The restaurant will feature a full-service bar, a live performance stage and a late-night window, which will begin operations later this summer.

With its mantra "Pizza (and Progress) Rules Everything Around Me," Slim + Husky has grown from its original Nashville restaurant over the past five years to add new outlets elsewhere in the Nashville area, plus other locations in Murfreesboro, Memphis, Atlanta and Sacramento, California.