Work to preserve Englewood, Tennessee's New Deal-era water tower finally going to bid

Work to preserve the iconic Englewood, Tennessee, water tower - added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2020 - is finally going to bid, and supporters say local folks will see work begin soon.

Friends of the Water Tower, members of the Englewood Water Tower Preservation Committee and Englewood city commissioners met Monday to approve opening bids for the project, two years in the making, according to Beth Sizemore, president of the preservation committee.

"I felt like we moved at a snail's pace on this," Sizemore said Friday in a phone interview, "but we're like the tortoise against the hare, we're just going to keep plodding on."

Sizemore said a South Carolina contractor visited and climbed the 85-year-old tower recently to evaluate it for an estimate.