What states are workers most likely to be looking online for another job?

The states where the biggest share of workers are searching on the web for another job or employment information to change jobs are primarily in the Southeast, where low jobless rates are creating more opportunities for work and where pay levels for existing jobs tend to be below the U.S. average.

The study carried out by finance experts Wealthtender reviewed online searches for "resume templates" and the job listing website "indeed" - terms frequently used by people seeking to leave their current job for greener pastures - to establish which states have the most people looking for a new job in 2022.

1. Mississippi

2. Georgia

3. Montana

4. South Carolina

5. North Carolina

6. Arkansas

7. Colorado

8. Michigan

9. Rhode Island

10. Tennessee

Source: Wealthtender. The states with the fewest number of workers searching for new jobs online were Washington D.C.,