Greeson: Camera questions, travel expenses for abortions, woodworkers come to town, best bettor

There will be more than a few places in today's Chattanooga Times Free Press to read about the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to ban abortions.

The next wave of conversation will be about companies offering money - as much as $4,000 from businesses like Dick's Sporting Goods - for employees to travel to states that allow abortions.

"We are making this decision so our teammates can access the same health care options, regardless of where they live, and choose what is best for them," Dick's CEO Lauren Hobart said in a statement.

Amazon, Disney and Starbucks are among the other companies that have made similar pledges. OK, this is a hot-button issue that will only continue to galvanize the divide in our country.

But, man, picking and choosing which cause you decide to reimburse - wonder if they would give employees $4K to travel to the Mayo Clinic for cancer treatments - is a big step on the slippery slope.

Wood word bender

How much wood would a wood turner turn if a wood turner would turn would?

You can find out this weekend in Chattanooga.

The American Association of Woodturners will be downtown, and more than 1,000 wood crafters from around the world will be here to show their skills.

Woodturning dates back more than 2,000 years and includes the spinning of the wood and a lathe.

This year's gathering - the first since 2019 because of COVID-19 - will raise funds for special needs children.

Needs indeed

So, after the second of the spring weekend shootings, we learned that the police camera on McCallie Avenue was inoperable.

That's not good.

Gang, there are plenty of folks who have doorbell cameras that work better than what our Chattanooga Police Department is counting on as an ally to fight serious crime in our city.

That's not good either.

I am all for the money spent on these cameras - especially if police and local leaders keep struggling to get witnesses to come forward - but if we're going to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars, shouldn't we expect a better return?

Moreover, there has to be a better way to monitor the effectiveness of these cameras than waiting for a shooting that causes multiple deaths and more than a dozen injuries to run an across-the-board check, right?

A sure bettor

So there's a Nashville bettor who is close to completing a truly sweet doubleheader.

Tanner Flynn, a tech salesman from Tennessee's capital city, is about to hit his second across-the-board, big-dollar parlay, according to ESPN.

Flynn needs the Colorado Avalanche to finish off the Stanley Cup - Colorado took a 3-1 series lead into Friday's Game 5 - to hit his second big payday. Flynn parlayed Georgia winning the 2022 national football title, the Warriors winning the NBA title, the Rams winning the Super Bowl and the Avalanche in the Stanley Cup chase.

His $25 parlay wager - along with a random UFC fight bet in February - would pay him $34,116.88.

In 2020, Flynn took the Lakers to win the NBA title, the Dodgers to win the World Series, the Bucs to win the Super Bowl and the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup. That parlay with another UFC fight turned $8 into more than $20,000.

Hey Tanner, who you like next year?

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