2 killed in mass shooting in Norway; more than a dozen hurt

OSLO, Norway (AP) - Two people were killed and more than a dozen injured early Saturday in a mass shooting in Norway's capital, Oslo, police said, as the city was gearing up for an annual Pride parade.

The shooting happened outside a downtown Oslo bar that is popular among the city's LGBTQ community, witnesses and local media said.

A suspect was arrested and police don't believe any other people were involved, police spokesman Tore Barstad said.

Barstad said the motive was not immediately known and it wasn't clear whether the shooting had any connection to the Pride parade that was to be held Saturday in Oslo.

"Police are in contact with the organizers of the Pride event this Saturday. There will be a continuous assessment of what measures police should take to protect that event and whether this incident has a connection to Pride at all," Barstad told reporters.