'Silicon Heartland' boon for Ohio, but families mourn homes

JOHNSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - When President Joe Biden applauded a decision by Intel Corp. to build a $20 billion semiconductor operation on "1,000 empty acres of land" in Ohio, it didn't sit well with Tressie Corsi.

The 85-year-old woman has lived on 7 acres of that land since she and her late husband, Paul, built a house there 50 years ago. They raised four children there and welcomed multiple generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, including some who lived right next door.

"You can see it's not vacant land," Corsi said on a recent warm summer day as she sat on her porch.

Corsi and more than 50 other homeowners on the Intel site aren't being forcibly removed. Two holding companies working on behalf of Intel have spent millions on offers to homeowners, often well-above market rates.