Elevate your camping experience with a rooftop tent

Photo by Sean Scott / James Baroud Evasion

Ready to elevate your camping experience? A rooftop tent gets you off the ground, keeps you out of the way of predators and lets you set up in camp in record time. Here are several noteworthy options.

photo Photo by Uros Podlogar / James Baroud Evasion

Best for luxury:

James Baroud Evasion ($4,481)

Made in Portugal, James Baroud rooftop tents are top of the line. The Evasion model has the largest interior volume of all horizontally opening rooftop tents on the market, allowing adults to sit up on either side of the tent. It also utilizes hydraulic cylinders to set up in less than a minute. Features include a solar-powered ventilation fan, a telescoping ladder that attaches to either side of your vehicle and windows that offer 360-degree views.

photo Photo contributed by iKamper / iKamper Skycamp 2.0

Best for families:

iKamper Skycamp 2.0 ($4,199 at REI, and you can have it shipped for free to the Chattanooga location. Otherwise, shipping is an extra $160.)

The king-size mattress on this hardshell model fits two adults and two kiddos, or three adults.

Reviewers praise the "quick, easy setup" of the Skycamp, which takes only a minute, according to the manufacturer. Features include a skyview window on top for stargazing (which you can shut if you're in the mood to sleep in) and two side windows you can open for ventilation. One thing to keep in mind with this tent is it has a packed weight of 227 pounds, which is fairly heavy, so check how much weight your car's rack can handle before making the purchase.


Best for small vehicle:

Thule Tepui Low-pro 2 ($1,749.95)

This ultra-low profile, lightweight tent folds down to a height of only 10 inches when not in use, so it's super aerodynamic and great for smaller cars. It also has an extended canopy for privacy, and Thule's "ZipperGimp" technology makes it easy to attach the dome canopy to the base.

Best budget:

Smittybilt Overlander ($1,150)

Sleeping two to three, the Smittybilt Overlander is a quality tent for less than half the price you'll pay for most other options on the market. Features include a multi-LED lightstrip and an exterior shoe bag.