How to download today's edition if you are experiencing difficulties

Staff photo by Ricky Young / The iPad version of the Times Free Press displays icons that readers can click on to view galleries, videos and other rich media content.

Dear Subscribers,

Some subscribers have reported difficulty downloading Sunday's edition in the app. If you can view a thumbnail image of today's edition in the app, but have been unable to download it to your device, here is a guide for how to do so.

Try logging out and logging back into your app.

At the bottom of your screen, tap the tab that says "More" with three dots above it. Your name will appear on the screen, and underneath it are the words "Sign out."

Hit "Sign out" then "Sign in."

Enter the email address and password associated with your account. Hit the "Sign in" button.

Return to your "Home" tab, then download today's edition.

If you do not know the password associated with your account, you will need to reset your password.