Weston Wamp found support in Hamilton County's western half to win Republican mayoral nomination

In pulling off his down-to-the-wire win Tuesday to snag the Republican nomination for Hamilton County mayor, Weston Wamp rode a broad wave of support across the western half of the county.

The 35-year-old secured strongholds through a large swath of Hamilton County as he fended off his two rivals, Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander, earning the most votes in 54 out of 90 precincts. He was the least favored candidate in only 11 precincts.

Wamp saw especially strong support close to Chattanooga's downtown areas and in the western half of the county, including communities like St. Elmo, where he claimed 46.6% of the vote, Dalewood (45.7%), Ridgeside (45.7%), Eastside (45.7%), Kingspoint (44.7%) and Lookout Mountain (44.4%).

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Smedley, 53, led the race for several hours Tuesday evening after the polls closed and early voting and absentee ballot totals were added to the county's election results website first.