New Georgia bill gives grandparents visitation opportunities

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Katy and Oscar McGuire spent every Friday night watching movies, dancing, playing and reading books with their young grandchildren until their son Bentley died in an accident in 2020.

"Our son got killed, and our former daughter-in-law took our grandchildren away from us," Oscar McGuire said.

Bentley was their only son, and his children are the McGuire's only grandchildren.

The Roberta, Georgia, couple continued to see their grandchildren on and off for a few months before their daughter-in-law stopped allowing visits. Bentley McGuire's widow did not reply to a phone call seeking comment for this story. The couple last saw them in October 2020, despite repeated efforts since.

The McGuires saw lawyers, sent a letter and filed a petition to no avail. They sent birthday and Christmas gifts that they say never reached their grandchildren.