Opinion: 'Domestic infant suppliers' buckle up

Writing about abortion is like leaping into a tornado, but here goes. I've always hated the idea of abortion; the term evokes pain and suffering as well as sorrow and mourning, whether you're pro- or anti-abortion. But I've advocated for giving women choice over their bodies since joining the many Jewish women involved in the first Women's Liberation March in Manhattan in 1970.

While the protests of the 70s were a revolution, touching multiple areas of our lives in the workplace and community, anti-abortionists saw us as irrational, feminist shrews. They called us "anti-family," "angry battle-axes" and "radical Commie lesbians." The "domestic infant supply" language in the Supreme Court draft opinion doesn't just echo those sentiments, it magnifies them.

Weird how some things haven't changed. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who's being investigated for sex crimes, had a timeless response to the leaked Supreme Court's draft opinion.