Chattanooga Preparatory to open new school in Knoxville

Chattanooga Preparatory School, a public charter school that serves minority and underprivileged boys in Hamilton County, has plans to open a sister location in Knoxville, dubbed Knoxville Preparatory School, in 2024.

"We were getting messages through our social media, calls from parents. A question that regularly came up was: 'Do you all have a bus that goes from Knoxville to Chattanooga every day?'" Chattanooga Prep Chief Executive Officer Brad Scott said.

Founded in 2018 by Ted and Kelly Alling, Chattanooga Prep serves 280 boys in grades six through nine. Approximately 94.5% of enrolled students are either Black or Latino while 80% come from low-income families, according to data collected by the school.

The couple opened Chattanooga Prep to create more educational equity in Hamilton County.

"Every student should have a great opportunity to education, and unfortunately in Chattanooga, you're defined by your ZIP code as your education is concerned.