Smedley taking the Trump route and more letters to the editors

Letters to the Editor

Smedley taking the Trump route

Thanks to former President Donald Trump, now any election where somebody loses, they've decided that it must have been rigged.

"How could I have lost?" Yeah, I'm talking to you, Sabrena Smedley. Heaven forbid, it's just that people didn't want you in that particular position, but you go ahead and think that it's because it's something underhanded. That's the Trump way.

Lauren Pieniaszek


We should have a GOP primary re-do

The Democratic Party has abused its constituents for decades, especially the Black community. It promises much but delivers little.

For instance, the greatest economic benefit to the Black community in the history of our nation came with the election of President Donald Trump. Black unemployment fell to its lowest ever, and Black wages rose to their highest ever; inflation was hardly known. (And Democrats opposed him all the way.) Now it wants to rape the Hamilton County Republican Party by polluting our primary.

The Democratic Party in Hamilton County is dying. In this election cycle, it could hardly field candidates for its primary. So, to get the best outcome, its members insincerely encouraged a crossover vote in the Republican primary and, specifically, for Weston Wamp.

The Republican Party leadership must cure this injustice if our party is to continue. How do we get good candidates to run for office if this goes on?

A primary is not the general election. By law, only bona fide Republicans are allowed to vote in Republican primaries. All Democrat crossover votes in this primary should be disallowed or a new Republican primary, with bona fide Republicans, held.

Charlie Wysong

Shouldn't normalize sore lose behavior

I laughed and laughed when I read that Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander are going to ask the Republican Party State Executive Committee to declare Smedley the winner or set aside the results and hold a new election. Apparently, the Looney Toons are not confined to the comic pages.

There is no way to determine whether any given voter is a Democrat or a Republican, or bona fide or not, because Tennessee does not register voters by party. A voter is a voter.

Even if we could determine whether a voter is a Democrat or a Republican, how would we know which of the three candidates the voter voted for?

More to the point, why would the executive committee want to incur the wrath of a third of those who voted a Republican ballot by setting aside the results? There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the committee favoring one Republican at the expense of another.

It looks like Trump has normalized sore loser behavior, and it does not look good for Smedley or Hullander.

Jim Olson