Check out this art by Terry Rafferty

Photo contributed by Terry Rafferty / "A Fine Day for a Dapper Man"

Artist: Terry Rafferty

Medium: Oil on canvas

"While at first glance, my still lifes may seem to be simply charming vignettes featuring vintage figurines, each piece explores the difficulties and experiences of being human, and the challenges we face in the modern age," says artist Terry Rafferty, who moved from the Western U.S. to the Chattanooga area in 2012.

"Using real-life issues, I use my paintings to comment on situations through a visual narrative. The objects and creatures I include are treasures I've picked up along the way -- a particular head tilt or lifted paw can inspire a number of paintings. Each painting has personal meaning, but I hope viewers will pick up a thread of the story and weave it into their own experiences."

To see more of Rafferty's work, visit, or follow her on Instragram @terryraffertystudio.