Sort out county attorney mess and more letters to the editor

Sort out county attorney mess

Having received some clarity about the previous Hamilton County Commission having the power to approve the four-year contract for County Attorney Rheubin Taylor that has not yet expired, this may change the issue of whether Mr. Taylor remains in his position.

Normally, this power falls under the office of the county mayor. However, if the County Commission does have the power to hire the county attorney, then the option to extend or renew that contract would also be within the commission's power.

What needs to be made clearer is who has the right to hire, retain or fire the county attorney -- be it the Hamilton County Commission, County Mayor Weston Wamp or both.

Mr. Taylor seemingly has the support of the county commissioners, as well as community support. This speaks well of his service and confidence they have in him, as county attorney.

Hopefully, this matter will be resolved swiftly so that we can move forward in the governance of the people of Hamilton County.

All the best to county Mayor Wamp.

Now let us move forward!

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill

Congressman shows priorities

As another election approaches, once again Rep. Chuck Fleischmann has performed the "Chuck Duck" by refusing to answer questions in an open forum or debate his Democratic opponent.

In spite of his apparent desire to hide his opinions and beliefs from his constituents, I feel that his actions after the June mass shooting on McCallie Avenue show how concerned he is with the lives of the people he was elected to represent and where his priorities truly lie.

In the aftermath of the shooting, did he visit the wounded in the hospital? Did he reach out to comfort the families of the victims? Did he ask the police if they needed the assistance of any federal agencies in the investigation? Did he lament the regularity of mass shootings in this country? Did he vow to work for legislation that would address gun violence? Did he even offer "thoughts and prayers" for the victims? The answer to all of these questions is, of course, no.

What did he do in the aftermath of the mass shooting? He wished Donald Trump a happy birthday. We deserve better.

Al Ezzell

Unions provide worker value

Do you have a have a 40-hour work week, overtime pay, paid holidays and vacation? Unions gave you these benefits, not the companies.

States and companies used armed guards and state police to stop unions.

Now they want to stop your ability to earn a living wage by changing the Tennessee Constitution.

Think about what you want before your vote.

Roger Thompson

Coffee County

Pay attention; then go vote.

School systems across this country should address bullying in schools.

A lot of horrendous acts of violence are caused by someone bullied. Bullying is not gender specific, race specific or cultural.

Apparently, it is not newsworthy.

However, drag queens go to elementary schools to perform. It is show-and-tell time. Get your seats up front. We have something to show you. This makes the print news and all the news channels on TV.

Where is the common sense?

The government financially supports these shows in schools.

Ever hear of the high places in the Bible? Well, just maybe we are there.

What can an ordinary citizen do?

Vote. Vote. Vote. Know what each candidate stands for. We are all responsible to know the candidates. This is our country. We need to do everything to save it. We can make a difference.

Please do your part.

Ruth Cote

Don't be duped by 'troubled' man

For those evangelicals and "good Christians" who continue to see DJ Trump as some sort of persecuted modern-day messiah, remember the wisdom of Solomon from the book of Proverbs: "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."

Surely this would also apply to supporters of the "troubler" as well since it is with their help the inherited "windy" conditions get brought about.

And it should especially apply to those politicians who do and say whatever it takes to get the "troubler's" blessing so as to gain the "good" people's support and votes.

No autocrat ever troubled his people alone. He did it with the help of various levels of fans, flatterers and flunkies. Be evangelical. Be a good Christian. But don't be duped by a "troublesome" man who always saw his job not as POTUS but as CEO-OTUS.

Grady Burgner

Choose Cassidy for Walden post

Angela Cassidy is the most qualified candidate for alderman in Walden. She has a masters degree in city planning from Georgia Tech, extensive experience in planning and zoning, and a passion for the Walden community. She has been involved with the formulation of the Walden Ridge Land Use Plan and is committed to supporting responsible growth and development in Walden.

We encourage the citizens of Walden to vote for Angela Cassidy on Nov. 8 or to vote early, now through Nov. 3.

Clare and Peter Hetzler