Educate yourself before voting — or stay home and more letters to the editors

Educate yourself before voting — or stay home

Election Day is just a few days away; early voting continues for a few more.

We are told we are not patriotic if we don’t vote. But an uneducated voter does our country harm. Here’s why:

› Only 42% of Americans can identify our three branches of government, yet 75% can name the 3 Stooges.

› Only 27% can name their two senators.

› Only 25% can name two members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

› Twenty-nine percent can’t name our vice-president.

I could go on. This level of ignorance about how our democracy operates shows up with the kind of candidates we get and why our country has become so divided.

If you don’t know anything about the candidates except what others tell you, do all of us a favor and stay home.

Jack Pine


Opposes justice's temporary action

I grew up in New York City at a time when Mayor LaGuardia read the comics to us on the radio. Today we have a similar situation that is unfortunately having dire consequences. The Supreme Court has taken up the cudgel. Justice Thomas just delivered such a "comical" message -- except it's vitally serious. He has ruled that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham [temporarily] does not need to testify in the Georgia election disruption case. Is the senator above the law?

Let's go further. Justice Thomas voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and went beyond the decision in making additional comments that contraception may be next. This is not funny and should be reacted to in strong terms. Justice Roberts, please stand up to protect our democracy!

Irv Ginsburg

Scared for future of our country

I completely fail to understand the world I now live in, people who hear the issues of the day, the promises of candidates, then vote for those who will not address issues important to our lives today. Things such as gun control, our worsening climate, extending the Trump tax cuts to the very rich and to large corporations, those who take from our nation but do not contribute their fair share. Promises to do away with Social Security that people have contributed to all their working years and belongs only to those who have contributed.

This party has worked very hard to deny voting rights to some. Voting rights are a privilege for all citizens of America, yet they will not allow such a bill to pass. They support those who perpetrate lies and conspiracies. Numerous candidates have promised, if elected, to take steps that will destroy our democratic way of life. Even now, as cowards, they have promised to withdraw support from Ukraine.

This is a partial list of things that scare me, for the future of my beloved country. Voting is underway. If you have not yet voted, please consider these things.

Mrs. Lois Whitehead


Reasons to vote Democrat (or not)

If you're having a hard time making ends meet, you can blame the Democrats. Rep Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., admitted on MSNBC that lawmakers knew beforehand that Joe Biden's economic bills of the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act would cause the inflation we are now having. So, if you like high gas and food prices, high crime, open borders where millions of illegals and drugs are invading our country, vote Democrat.

If you like the way the Biden administration has weaponized the DOJ and FBI to go after their political enemies (conservatives and Republicans), vote Democrat. If the Democrats win, it will hasten the destruction of America and conversion to communism, which is their intent.

G. Hayes


'Democracy threats': End this claptrap

OK, we who were high school history teachers must accept some of the blame for the current, mindless "threats to democracy" claptrap. Likely we tried in our classrooms to demonstrate that the Athenian experiment devolved into mob rule, demagoguery and ostracism (demonizing one's rivals) and that "pure democracy" is fraught with dangers.

But we cannot be responsible for cartoonist Luckovich (TFP, 10/24/22), who incomprehensibly identifies today's political options as either democracy or fascism, and in a comment about gasoline prices not so subtly suggests that the latter is the politics of the Republican Party. Apparently Luckovich missed the lesson on ancient Roman fasces and 20th century fascism.

Nor can we be responsible for Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and his silly question, "Will gas prices doom democracy?" (TFP, 10/24/22). Meaning, in his logically incoherent argument, that high gasoline prices will precipitate Republican Party midterm election victories and "quite possibly" end American democracy. Not once does he say how or why Republicans will cancel democracy.

Please! Enough already!

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Ga.

For sanctity of life? Vote Dems!

Anti-abortion laws are not pro-life. It sickens me thinking of all the money that could have been applied to saving the lives of young mothers, neonates and infants wasted pushing a political agenda of religiocracy. Real pro-life proponents work to correct dismal obstetric, neonatal, and infant morbidity and mortality realities that have existed for decades primarily in religiocratic regions of our country. An Oct. 25 Page 1 article by Michael Goldberg (The Associated Press) highlights the morbidity and mortality statistics for obstetric, neonatal, and infant health in Mississippi. "Mississippi has the nation's highest fetal mortality rate, highest infant mortality rate, highest pre-term birth rate and is among the worst states for maternal mortality," Goldberg reports.

Mississippi and other religiocracy inclined states, including Tennessee, are not really interested in protecting human life. Indeed, they readily neglect issues of obstetric availability, neonatology, and infant care as their Republican governances pursue a religiocracy agenda. It is time for baby lovers, children lovers and those concerned with their fellows' well-being to reassess their stance toward protecting the sanctity of human life.

Vote for Democrats in this midterm election and the elections to come if you really are concerned for the sanctity of life.

Robert Landry, M.D.

News bias caused loss of subscribers

We used to be avid subscribers.Then we seemed to notice articles were focused more on one side. Both sides would be covered, but one side in the negative and the other in the positive. It seemed to change some, for a short time. But, over the last year especially, news is getting reported with the negative slant again.

I see the Times Free Press headlines now as, oh, the conservative, religious, Republicans are not being nice. Whatever they are doing or not doing is being reported as if they are wrong. I was at least glad to see that news was being reported.

Remember, Chattanooga is a conservative, moral, Republican strong base.

Mike and Debbie Slaney