Chattanooga-based Cortina Health launches tele-dermatology venture

Photography by Matt Hamilton / Dr. Reid Maclellan, founder and CEO of Cortina Health, operates the business out of offices at Warehouse Row.

Dr. Reid Maclellan says the aim of his Chattanooga-based startup company is to "democratize elite dermatology," and to do it in all 50 states.

Maclellan is founder and chief executive of Cortina Health, which officially launched this summer and uses tele-medicine and artificial intelligence to treat skin diseases and hair loss.

The entrepreneur, who also is an adjunct professor of plastic surgery at both Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital, says Cortina Health is the first tele-dermatology company operating in every state with its own compounding pharmacy.

"It's going phenomenal," he says about the business that employs about 20 people. "We've gotten a lot of traction nationally."

Operating out of Warehouse Row offices in downtown Chattanooga, the 38-year-old physician doesn't practice dermatology himself but rather has agreements with three of the certified specialists in each state working with patients.