Is hybrid work actually…working? Here’s what the data says

Contributed photography by Lisa Earle McLeod

Did you put on real pants, fight traffic, and eat a suboptimal lunch today just to sit in your corporate office ... on a Zoom call? You're not the only one.

We know there can be huge benefits to in-person collaboration and relationship building. We also recognize (well, most of us) that demanding a 5-day in-office work week poses a big obstacle for recruiting, engagement and retention. Which leaves us somewhere in the murky middle.

Some of our clients have shifted to 100% remote indefinitely, others are fighting an (uphill) battle to return their teams back to the office full time. The vast majority are somewhere in between -- trying to figure out the awkwardness of a hybrid model. It's emblematic of a larger shift in the workplace.

Here's what Gallup found: When asked where they (respondents) plan to work long term, remote-capable employees confirmed that a hybrid work schedule will be the predominant office arrangement going forward.