The ‘clean’ running trend that blends athleticism with activism has arrived in the Chattanooga area

Allow us to introduce you to plogging.

Plogging started in Sweden as a combination of jogging and plocka upp, Swedish for "to pick up." Put simply, it involves doing some form of exercise -- often jogging, walking or running -- and picking up litter as you go. The trend began in 2016, and recently has gained a fair amount of traction. Terra Running Co., a speciality running-shoe store in Cleveland, Tennessee, has organized plogging events for local runners, and Tiffany Skinner, who works with the store's marketing and engagement, says the events have been pretty well received.

Their event in May of last year saw about 25 people and even saw some passers-by joining in along the way.

"I live here in Cleveland, and I run on the greenway, and you see trash all the time," says Skinner. "It's kind of disheartening, especially for runners who run outside and love the outdoors. It's disheartening when you see trash ruining the environment."

Terra Running Co.'s plogging events occur at the Cleveland Greenway, a 4-mile public path along South Mouse Creek. The events are family-friendly and participants are provided coffee and donuts. Trash bags and gloves are also provided, but you don't necessarily have to have those to go plogging. Some "ploggers" prefer to go for a run or walk, pick up trash when they see it and then just throw it in the nearest trashcan.

"We definitely want to keep the space clean," Skinner says. "It's a fun and easy way to change it up from our regular group runs. You burn more calories plogging because there's a lot of squatting down [to pick up trash]. It also makes me more mindful to not litter and take care of the environment, but that's something I hope people do [regardless] and are inspired to be more careful with their trash and their kids' trash."

Ready to plog?

Terra Running Co.’s next plogging event is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Nov. 12 at the Cleveland Greenway pavilion, 775 Raider Drive, Cleveland, Tennessee. To stay up to date on future events, visit