Opinion: Younger son grows inside and out

The search for a first car (or truck) is a rite of passage for teens and their parents. / AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Our younger son, 15, has hit a growth spurt.

I'm not sure where the term "growth spurt" comes from. It's not a very elegant metaphor for the wonders of middle adolescence.

At a recent medical checkup, his practitioner remarked while checking his height: "Wow, it looks like he has grown 3 inches since his last visit. Can that be possible?"

"Yep. Sounds about right," I said.

I know this because I have watched his pants legs creep up his calves all summer. He is in one of those stages where if you don't see him for a few weeks he seems (and is) perceptibly taller.

So far, though, his growth has been up, not out. At 5 feet, 9 inches, 115 pounds his body looks like a Little Debbie box with No. 2 pencils for arms and legs.