How Chattanooga Motorcar Festival benefits brain research

Staff file photo / Dr. Thomas Devlin, right, who is in the vanguard of neuroscience research, says the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival next month is a crucial ally in the advancement of brain science.

Thomas Devlin is an unabashed car guy.

The Chattanooga physician and researcher is an avid fan of Formula 1 racing and recalls fondly some of the fun automobiles he has owned. (Anyone remember the single-wiper-blade Volkswagen Scirocco? What about the Fiat Spider 128 convertible? He owned both.)

"I'm a huge car fan," Devlin said in an interview. "My mother was born in Italy, and growing up I was an incredible Italian motorcar race fanatic."

But Devlin's real claim to fame is his knowledge of the mechanics of the human nervous system and brain -- a field called neuroscience. From cutting-edge stroke care to advances in Alzheimer's research, Devlin is an advocate for medical causes.

He has been in the vanguard of stroke research and care, first at Erlanger hospital and now at CHI Memorial hospital, where he is medical director of the Stroke and Neuroscience Center.